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Absolute Poker jackpot back on the rise

26 November 2007

MIAMI, Florida -- (PRESS RELEASE) -- Less than 24 hours after doling out a Bad Beat Jackpot valued at more than $300,000, Absolute Poker is reporting that the jackpot of its popular online poker game has once again reached six figures.

On November 18th at 21:44 ET, an online player who goes by the name of NEELIX40 won Absolute Poker's $308,379.28 Bad Beat Jackpot after losing a hand of Texas Hold'em poker while holding Quad Nines.

OATSFORXMAS, the player who won the online poker hand holding Quad Aces, secured $50,111.63 for delivering the bad beat to NEELIX40. Four other players seated at the table where the bad beat occurred each took home an additional $12,527.90 just for witnessing the event.

Online poker players looking to get in on the good fortune don't need to look very far. By early Monday afternoon, Absolute Poker's Bad Beat Jackpot had climbed to over $101,000.

Absolute Poker's Bad Beat Jackpot is just like regular Texas Hold'em but with a slight twist. If a player loses a Texas Hold'em hand holding four 8s or anything better while seated at a Bad Beat Jackpot table, they'll win a large piece of the Bad Beat Jackpot.

To help the jackpot build, $0.50 is collected from qualifying hands at Bad Beat Jackpot tables. The jackpot keeps growing until someone hits a qualifying bad beat, at which time a large percentage of it is distributed amongst the bad beat victim and the participants in the online poker hand.

The next player to lose a hand holding four 8s or anything better will win a large piece of the rising jackpot. The participants in the bad beat hand will also share in the winnings.


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