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Deal Me In: Player cries foul, but was it?

May 29, 2015
Mark Pilarski discusses how a casino should handle dealing a player short in blackjack, and does the math on how often a dealer busts.

The Hierarchy of Games

May 28, 2015
John Grochowski answers some questions about 3-Card Poker and he explains the hierarchy of casino games. That hierarchy might not be what you think.

Ask the Slot Expert: The Kiosk Ate My Slot Ticket

May 27, 2015
A ticket redemption kiosk fails to pay a player for a ticket. A suggestion for the $600 W-2G threshold proposal.

Stealing and the "Crappy Iron Cross"

May 26, 2015
Best-selling author Frank Scoblete explains why players should never leave their chips on the tables --- the casino is not responsible for them. Then he tackles the "Crappy" Iron Cross.

Your Chips or Their Chips?

May 26, 2015
Best selling author Frank Scoblete tells you point blank whose chips are whose should they get stolen.

Royals, Money Lines and Streaks

May 24, 2015
John Grochowski explains what your expectation is to get royals with fast play. Then he checks out money lines in sports and bad streaks at casino games.

A Short History of Video Poker

May 23, 2015
Jerry "Stickman" looks at the history of video poker which has its roots over a hundred years ago.

Deal Me In: Getting gripped in the grind down

May 22, 2015
Mark Pilarski does the math on how a slots player can lose his whole bankroll with $0.80 payout, and gives some advice on playing 6:5 blackjack.

Ask the Slot Expert: Call to Action Against IRS W-2G Proposal

May 20, 2015
Let your representatives and the IRS know what you think about the proposal to lower the W-2G threshold to $600.

The wonderful craps 5-Count

May 19, 2015
Best-selling author Frank Scoblete shares a reader's discovery of the power of the 5-Count. He also comments on this reader's craps playing experiences.

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