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Ask the Slot Expert: Making bonuses more frequent on a slot machine

May 25, 2016
How can a side bet make a bonus more frequent without altering the RNG? Why do I always lose playing the slot machines?

The grass is still greener over there

May 24, 2016
Best-selling author Frank Scoblete continues looking at how to freshen your casino experience by playing other games.

Righting a small wrong

May 22, 2016
John Grochowski rights a small wrong and explains how video poker odds work.

Learning how to count cards

May 22, 2016
John Grochowski explains exactly what to do to learn a good card counting method at blackjack.

An important blackjack player option

May 21, 2016
John Marchel discusses one of the best options at blackjack.

Deal Me In: Blackjack versus Let It Ride

May 20, 2016
Mark Pilarski answers a letter from a reader who is annoyed with his friends' insistence upon playing Let It Ride.

Exposing hole cards

May 19, 2016
John Grochowski shares readers' experiences with other players showing their hole cards — and it's not just in poker!

Ask the Slot Expert: Do casinos cheat on video poker?

May 18, 2016
Can a casino use a chip that deals winning hands less frequently? Why players find it difficult to win on many of today's penny machines.

The grass may just be greener

May 17, 2016
Best-selling author Frank Scoblete explains how to get out of a playing rut to find other games that also might be fun to play.

The biggest jackpot stories

May 15, 2016
John Grochowski shares some big wins stories, then explains how to play some pai gow poker hands.

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