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My Remarkable Streak of Royals

March 28, 2015
Henry Tamburin was on a tear through the world of video poker with a string of royal flushes bucking the odds big time.

Penny Slots and Combination Betting

March 26, 2015
John Grochowski explains why penny slots are taking over the casinos and limiting 25-cent machines. Then he looks at games with a multitude of bets.

Ask the Slot Expert: IRS Proposes Changing Slot Jackpot Threshold for W-2G

March 25, 2015
The IRS proposed changing the slot jackpot threshold for issueing a W-2G. Should I redeem slot tickets I found? When is a VLT not a VLT?

Sal and Frank Talk the Captain and Craps

March 24, 2015
Best selling author Frank Scoblete and reader Sal discuss the Captain, controlled shooting, great dice rolls and Little Joe from Kokomo.

Seven Steps to Playing the Slots

March 21, 2015
John Marchel shares seven ways to intelligently play the slot machines which are the casinos' number one cash cows.

Answering Video Poker Questions

March 19, 2015
John Grochowski looks at some video poker machines and answers Carl's probing questions.

Ask the Slot Expert: Can a Cell Phone Affect a Slot Machine?

March 18, 2015
Are comps based on playing time or the amount of money you put in a slot machine? More advice for handling slot ticket problems. Can a cell phone affect a slot machine?

Other Things and Advantage-Play Slots

March 17, 2015
Best selling author Frank Scoblete comments on machines that can give the player an edge at slots. He also shares a reader's method for fully enjoying his trips to Vegas.

Penny Slots and Roulette Nots

March 15, 2015
John Grochowski explains why penny slots seem to change all the time. Then he looks at a roulette betting system that one reader believes works as an advantage play.

Sorry, There's No App for That

March 14, 2015
Martin Baird explains how in bad economic times customer service could mean the difference between success and failure.

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