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Ask the Slot Expert: Why Can't I Win on the Slots Today?

October 22, 2014
It seems like I never win on the slots today. What's the purpose of repeating symbols on a video slot?

Professional Craps Play and House Edges

October 21, 2014
Best selling author Frank Scoblete explains why playing professional craps is a big mistake. Then he explains the problem with certain house edge percentages.

Bad Blackjack and Bad Craps

October 19, 2014
John Grochowski explains why so many bad blackjack games can be found throughout the casinos. Then he tackles why the Any Seven bet is a truly bad bet at the game of craps.

Playing Positive Machines

October 18, 2014
Best selling author Jerry "Stickman" explains why playing those posotive machines is the way to go in video poker.

Team Play at Slots

October 16, 2014
John Grochowski checks out the fun of "team play" at the slot and video poker machines.

Ask the Slot Expert: Common Sense Advice for Slot Players

October 15, 2014
A reader gives common sense advice for slot players.

More Mixed Nuts

October 14, 2014
Best selling author Frank Scoblete shares some of his weirdest letters and responses from mixed nuts.

Bonus Craps Bets

October 12, 2014
John Grochowski explains why bonus craps bets are appealing and what the house edge is on the Triple Seven wager. Then he compares video poker to regular poker.

The Customer Service Culture

October 11, 2014
Customer service expert Martin R. Baird explains that customer service is a "we" enterprise in which everyone must take part.

Where'd the Three Reelers Go?

October 09, 2014
John Grochowski explains why the three-reel slot machines are starting to give way to video games. "Times they are a changin."

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