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Blackjack misinformation

August 29, 2015
Henry Tamburin explains various wrong ideas about blackjack -- ideas too many players subscribe to!

Slot machine love

August 27, 2015
John Grochowski talks about the slot machines he loved then and the ones he loves now.

Ask the Slot Expert: There is no proof that slot machines are not rigged

August 26, 2015
I admit that I can't prove that a rigged slot machine is not on a casino floor somewhere. How frequently can a casino download a new payback program to a slot machine?

What's it all about?

August 25, 2015
Best-selling author Frank Scoblete asks a simple question concerning casino gambling: What is it really all about?

Pro video poker and great luck

August 23, 2015
John Grochowski responds to a reader's explanation of how to really become a professional video poker player. Next he looks at the luck of one particular woman.

Deck estimations in blackjack

August 22, 2015
John Marchel explains how to count the remaining decks for card counters at blackjack. It takes time and discipline to learn.

Deal Me In: Buy-er beware

August 21, 2015
Mark Pilarski breaks down the math on 4 and 10 buy bets with a 5% commission.

I'm here to gamble

August 20, 2015
John Grochowski explains why he had to tell other blackjack players that he was "here to gamble" when not taking insurance on his blackjack against a dealer's ace.

Ask the Slot Expert: Is there proof that slot machines are not rigged?

August 19, 2015
Is there proof that slot and video poker machines are not rigged?

Pushing it

August 18, 2015
Best-selling author Frank Scoblete explains why "pushing it" can be a devastating betting strategy.

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