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Right moves, wrong advice

October 04, 2015
John Grochowski explains why low hands are sometimes the hands to play even if you want to go for the big jackpot. Then he explains why there are $20 chips at some baccarat games.

Ten simple tips

October 03, 2015
John Marchel explains 10 simple tips that can go a long way to making your play enjoyable and maybe even profitable.

Those magical nights

October 01, 2015
John Grochowski shares two stories about big wins, those sessions when everything goes right.

Ask the Slot Expert: I'm a lucky charm for other slot players

September 30, 2015
A reader sometimes feels like a lucky charm for other slot players. Something weird is happening on the Sex and the City slots at New York's racinos.

The faster the 'worser'

September 29, 2015
Best-selling author Frank Scoblete explains why the speed of table games is as important as the house edge of a game.

Should I switch to craps?

September 27, 2015
John Grochowski addresses a reader's concern about the deterioration of blackjack games. Maybe it is better to play craps?

Class II and Class III video poker games

September 26, 2015
Jerry "Stickman" answers the question concerning the difference between Class II and Class III video poker games.

Low- and high-variance video poker

September 24, 2015
John Grochowski looks at the high- and low-variance video poker games so you can decide which you want to play.

Ask the Slot Expert: Caught using someone else's free slot play

September 23, 2015
I was caught using my friend's free slot play -- with his permission. Slots aren't random.

Poo-Bach’s hot-hand strategy

September 22, 2015
Best-selling author Frank Scoblete looks at an original gambling strategy called "Poo-Bach." It might be something you will find intriguing.

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