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Ask the Slot Expert: Sequential Royal Video Poker

August 27, 2014
Should I play a video poker machine with a sequential royal payout? Video poker software and strategy chart recommendations.

The Captain's Supersystem

August 26, 2014
Is the Captain's Supersystem really the best way to play. Frank takes a hard look at this method of play.

Video Doubling and Keno Methods

August 24, 2014
John Grochowski explains the concept of video doubling and then he looks into "winning" systems for keno.

Paytables in Deuces Wild Double Bonus

August 23, 2014
Best selling author Jerry "Stickman" checks out the various paybacks on the same video poker machine, Deuces Wild Double Bonus. He explains which paybacks to play and why.

Bonus Events Equal Entertainment

August 21, 2014
John Grochowski explains why "bonus events" make video games so much fun. They add greatly to the entertainment factor of playing the machines.

Ask the Slot Expert: Did My Video Poker Machine Malfunction?

August 20, 2014
A video poker machines temporarily boosts the payout on quads. Can you decline the amount of a win over $1199 to avoid the IRS form? Are privately owned casinos more generous than corporate ones?

Slots, Snits and Nitwits

August 19, 2014
Best selling author Frank Scoblete shares another strange slot belief and then tackles blackjack players who can't stop themselves from giving advice. Finally, what does it mean when a machine is "offline?"

That Lovely RNG and Spin Poker

August 17, 2014
John Grochowski explains what is illegal use of the RNG on keno and slot machines. Then he checks out Spin Poker.

Customer Service Training Equals Long Term Benefits

August 16, 2014
Customer service expert Martin R. Baird looks at how simple training can make a casino a sure-fire people-person success.

The Good Old Days

August 14, 2014
John Grochowski takes a trip back into the past and his experiences with his early days of casino play.

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