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Frequent Blackjack Questions

July 31, 2014
John Grochowski answers the most frequent questions players have about blackjack, the most popular of the table games.

Ask the Slot Expert: Why Do I Lose on Slots One Day and Win the Next?

July 30, 2014
When is the result of a bonus spin determined? Why is it that you play slots one day and never get ahead but come back the next day and win on every machine you play? Betting advice for a penny slot.

Comps and Hedges

July 29, 2014
Best selling author Frank Scoblete looks closely at comps and then writes about possible hedges at craps.

Craps and Wild Symbols

July 27, 2014
John Grochowski gives a fast tutorial in how to play craps and then checks out the power of "wild symbols" at slots.

Playing 18 in Blackjack

July 26, 2014
Henry Tamburin takes a look at playing the 18 in blackjack. It isn't always what a player thinks it is.

We All Make Mistakes

July 24, 2014
John Grochowski looks at some awful mistakes players can make at the games. Ouch!

Ask the Slot Expert: Slot Machines Always Hit on the Last Spin?

July 23, 2014
Readers comment on my assertion that slots don't always hit on the last spin.

Pro Blackjack Player? Do Casinos Want Winners?

July 22, 2014
Best selling author Frank Scoblete explains why it is difficult becoming a pro blackjack player and he questions the statement, "Casinos want some players to win!"

Tight Slots and Loose Roueltte

July 20, 2014
John Grochowski explains why the casinos have tightened the smaller payouts on penny machines and also why casinos in America tend to ignore single-zero roulette games.

Don't Tell Others How to Play

July 19, 2014
John Marchel explains why it is best to keep your playing ideas to yourself.

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