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The IRS and baccarat

August 02, 2015
John Grochowski explains why the IRS wants to tax jackpots at $600 and why there will be no way to get around that. Then he takes a look at baccarat.

Indian strategy card

August 01, 2015
John Marchel checks out the truly bad play at Indian casinos even though they give out strategy cards!

Deal Me In: Player strategery

July 31, 2015
Mark Pilarski reviews a reader's strategy for penny slots.

The mystery of craps

July 30, 2015
John Grochowski explains the reason why craps is such a mystery to so many players.

Ask the Slot Expert: Can a Casino Collect a Marker from a Gambler's Estate?

July 29, 2015
Can a casino collect a marker from a gambler's estate? I think I won but the slot club says I lost.

Hot, cold and virtual games

July 28, 2015
Best-selling author Frank Scoblete explains the nature of streaks in gambling and then he tackles the issue of how virtual table games are played.

Can I be a professional?

July 26, 2015
John Grochowski explains what it takes to become a professional video poker player.

Craps percentages on $44 inside

July 25, 2015
Best-selling author Jerry "Stickman" explains the real edges on the $44 inside bet at craps.

The break-even point in video poker

July 23, 2015
John Grochowski explains at what point the video poker player must make the strong effort to go for the royal.

Ask the Slot Expert: Taxes on slot winnings for Brits

July 22, 2015
Tax help for a lucky British slot player.

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