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Energy Casino enters the world of motorsport

4 May 2016

(PRESS RELEASE) -- Energy Casino has shifted into top gear with its sponsorship of Team Jocke Mangs for the 2016 Porsche Carrera Cup Scandinavia. Two Porsches, complete with support trucks, will be emblazoned with Energy Casino graphics for this high profile motorsport event.

Team Jocke Mangs
Jocke Mangs won the Porsche Carrera Cup in 2008 and 2009. Last year, he made a dramatic comeback in the championship, finishing second in both the premiere races at Skövde. Claiming no fewer than eight podium finishes in thirteen races, equated to a seriously impressive result for the former champion and the fledgling team.

Team Jocke Mangs and Energy Casino are two forces driven by the same ethos of energy and commitment, thus making an ideal team. Both are highly motivated and hungry to grow in their fields, and the sponsorship will be hugely mutually beneficial.

Brand Reinforcement
For Energy Casino Partners, this entry into the world of motorsport offers a fantastic opportunity to capitalize on massive public exposure and visibility, especially in the Scandinavian market, but also globally.

The most significant impact of the Team Jocke Mangs sponsorship will be the contribution to building the Energy Casino brand image in the long term. Thousands of spectators will be watching the races at the tracks, with many thousands more watching on TV and the internet. Before, during, and after each race the Energy Casino branding will be repeatedly visible, thus creating a positive reinforcement for those watching.

This repeated brand exposure and reinforcement will create a growing familiarity and trust, which can only benefit Energy Casino and make people more receptive to all future advertising and marketing, including the efforts of affiliates.

New Markets
Through this sponsorship, the Energy Casino brand will be introduced to many motorsports fans for the first time. Affiliates should be considering ways to take advantage of this by targeting their promotional efforts towards people interested in motorsports, not just the existing online gaming community.

For example, branded Energy Casino Team Jocke Mangs racing cars, truck, and the EnergyGirls, will result in a limitless supply of visual media. This should be used extensively on social media, forums and sites, as part of affiliate marketing campaigns.

Exciting Promotions
A close relationship with a recognised motorsport team, such as Team Jocke Mangs, also creates exciting possibilities in terms of themed promotions and tournaments. Energy Casino will be making the most of this, and affiliates should expect to see some extremely appealing tournaments and promotional offers in the coming months. Related prizes and tournaments linked to the actual real-life championship will further engage players and give affiliates more fuel for their promotional campaigns.

A Boost for the Future
All in all, the Energy Casino sponsorship of Team Jocke Mangs will result in a huge boost for the brand. By engaging people directly at motorsports events it will help set it apart from those competing casinos that only have an online presence. Getting the brand out there into the real world, in a physical way that people can interact with, will help build trust and turn Energy Casino into a household name.

Working together, Energy Casino Partners and affiliates, are well placed to take advantage of the massive new opportunities that the Energy Casino sponsorship of Team Jocke Mangs will brings.


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