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Full Tilt players to begin receiving their bankrolls

25 February 2014

By Dan Podheiser

Several former Full Tilt Poker players have recently received some very good news.

Nearly three years after Black Friday, when the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) shut down Full Tilt and seized players' bankrolls from the website, players will begin to collect back their money. The Garden City Group (GCG) has begun distributing emails to former players indicating that they will receive their payments within the next seven business days.

Casino City's Aaron Todd received an email from GCG on Monday night stating the following:

Dear Aaron Todd:

The purpose of this email is to inform you that your Petition for Remission has been approved and you are entitled to receive a distribution from the assets forfeited in connection with United States v. PokerStars, et al., pending in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York.

A payment in the amount of $xxxx will be paid electronically via ACH to the bank account that you specified in your Petition. This payment represents the full amount of your Full Tilt Poker Account Balance, which you confirmed on the Full Tilt Poker administration online filing site. Payment will be made within the next seven business days.

If you have any questions, you can call us toll-free at (866) 250-2640, email us at info@FullTiltPokerClaims.com, or write to us at Full Tilt Poker Claims Administration, c/o GCG, P.O. Box 9965, Dublin, Ohio 43017-5965. For additional information you may also visit the administration website at www.FullTiltPokerClaims.com.

According to the GCG website, the first round of payments is scheduled to be issued on Friday, Feb. 28. The DOJ announced in January that it would release $82 million in funds to approximately 30,000 players in the first round.

There are still several thousand former Full Tilt players who submitted claims but will not be paid in this round, according to OnlinePokerReport.com. Those include players who contested their balances, players tagged as affiliates and players identified as Full Tilt pros.

Dan Podheiser

Dan Podheiser has covered the gambling industry since 2013, but he has been an avid poker player for more than a decade, starting when he was just 14 years old. When he turned 18, he played online poker regularly on U.S.-friendly sites until Black Friday in April 2011.

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