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Is There a True Winning Betting System for Craps?

15 February 2014

By Donald Catlin

One of my readers, Lim H. , recently sent me the following email:

Hi Don:

Are the craps tables available in every casino? Does craps have the best odds for the gambler?

I came across this website. The system seems to be able to make money consistently. That’s the claim. {Reader provided website}

I would like to seek your advice on this.


Dear Lim:

First of all thanks for your email.

I am not a world traveler so I don’t know if craps is offered in every casino but I can answer your question. The answer is no.

I found this out in a rather uncomfortable moment in 2006 when I inquired at a New Zealand casino if they had craps. I was met with a rather incredulous stare.

I recall this incident in my 2006 article “Gambling Down Under” that is in the archives on this site. There are no land based craps games in New Zealand now as there were none then. As for the rest of the world, I simply don’t know.

Here is a rather amusing related story. When the Casino de Montréal first opened in Canada it too had no craps games (it does now). What was (to me) amusing at the time was that although they had no craps games in the casino the carpet on the floor of the elevator sported two large red dice.

Is craps the best game for the player? Excluding physical skill (dice control) the answer is a qualified no. Most blackjack games and some video poker games, when played properly, are better than craps. However, if you remove the element of skill, then craps (Pass Line) is a very good game for the player.

Finally, you’ll note that I did not include the link to the website you mentioned since I don’t want to promote such betting systems. Systems based on betting strategies for negative games are scams and only make money for the scammer.

Though many don’t want to believe this it is a fact of life and if you insist on believing this fallacy you’ll just have to learn the hard way.

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Donald Catlin
Don Catlin is a retired professor of mathematics and statistics from the University of Massachusetts. His original research area was in Stochastic Estimation applied to submarine navigation problems but has spent the last several years doing gaming analysis for gaming developers and writing about gaming. He is the author of The Lottery Book, The Truth Behind the Numbers published by Bonus books.

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