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January 2014 Featured Game report

30 January 2014

By Dan Podheiser

As I wrote at the beginning of the year, I've decided to "spice up" my Featured Game responsibilities for Casino City. I am now keeping track of my results for each week, and will provide monthly, quarterly and a final annual report at the end of the year.

As noted in my introductory story, my plan is to bet $1 of play money per line per spin, or as close to it as possible, until triggering the bonus round. This allows me to see the game in its entirety and write a comprehensive review.

We produced five Online Casino City Times newsletters in January, which means I wrote five Featured Game reviews. The first game I played was Piggies and the Wolf at Paddy Power Casino, where I lost $430 on the 50-payline slot in 27 minutes. It would have been a lot worse, but the bonus netted me a $650 win.

My second game was At the Movies at 7Red, which again proved to be a loser for me. I dropped $448 on the 25-payline slot in just 16 minutes and cashed in for just $184 on the bonus.

Next I played Football Frenzy at Bovada Casino and booked my first win of the year on the 50-payline slot. And it was a big one -- I profited $1,036 in just two minutes playing the game, thanks to a quick $850 win in the bonus round.

The fourth game I played was Pub Crawlers at Golden Cherry Casino. I hit the bonus round in five minutes on the 20-payline slot, but still took a loss of $149. I just didn't have much luck until the $420 bonus win.

The last game was Football Fans at Titan Casino, and apparently I am only good at "football" slots because I booked a $988 win thanks to a whopping $2,397 win in the bonus round on the 20-payline slot.

Here are the final results:

January 2014 profit: $997
Total 2014 profit: $997

January 2014 time spent: 1 hour, 22 minutes
Total 2014 time spent: 1 hour, 22 minutes

January 2014 hourly rate: $729.51/hour
Total 2014 hourly rate: $729.51/hour

Dan Podheiser

Dan Podheiser has covered the gambling industry since 2013, but he has been an avid poker player for more than a decade, starting when he was just 14 years old. When he turned 18, he played online poker regularly on U.S.-friendly sites until Black Friday in April 2011.

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