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Play all sorts of bingo games with Betfair Bingo

25 April 2014

(PRESS RELEASE) -- When you think of online gambling, the most common forms of games that people will poker or slots come to mind, as they are probably the most popular types of online gaming available.

However, here at Betfair Bingo we have plenty of other different activities for you to sink your teeth into and one of those is bingo.

Indeed, we have a great deal of different games for you to play and enjoy any time you decide to log in to your Betfair Bingo account.

You might be sitting there thinking that every bingo game is exactly the same, but that couldn't be further from the truth as we have a huge number of different activities to play. To convince you of this, here is a rundown of the various types you can get involved in.

90-Ball Bingo

This is the most traditional form of the game and is, rather predictably, played with balls numbered from one to 90 with each ticket made up of three lines containing five numbers each.

Prizes of differing degrees will be handed out for securing one line, two lines or a full house (all three lines).

We have a few different games that come under the 90-Ball Bingo umbrella and they are as follows:

Speed Bingo

This does exactly what it says on the tin and has all of the rules that a traditional game will have, except it is played at high speed.

Where a normal game of bingo might take up quite a bit of time, these typically only last around a minute. So if you've only got a little bit of time to spare, then this could be your game.

Deal or No Deal Bingo

On the face of it, this appears like any other game of bingo and, for the most part, it probably is. If you win either one or two lines, you will receive a set monetary prize back.

However, the fun really starts if you get a full house. This will give you a mystery box containing a figure and an offer from the Banker, just as you would if playing the popular TV show featuring Noel Edmonds. You will have to choose between the two to decide the prize - do you gamble or play it safe?

Roll On Bingo

We've all been in the situation in a game of bingo where we're on the edge of our seat as we only need another one or two numbers to come up for a full house and someone else just beats you to it.

It can get pretty frustrating, but in Roll On Bingo the game continues past one full-house winner until more people also reach that stage.

Lucky Numbers Bingo

In this game, you need to select three lucky numbers and match one, two or all of them with any of the balls when a line or full house is won, and you will be eligible for a Lucky Numbers jackpot.

75-Ball Bingo

We also have a different form of the game that uses 75 balls instead of 90 and is made up of 25 numbers arranged in five lines of five.

Some of the different variations we have include Patter Bingo, which has a set pattern on the card that needs to be filled to win the game, and U.K. 75-Ball Bingo that has five prizes - one for each line won and a Coverall prize upon completing the card.


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