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Poker Player Tweets of the Week: Glasses half full

6 December 2013

By Dan Podheiser

It's been two weeks since my last "Poker Player Tweets of the Week" column. Did you miss me? I thought so.

Anyway, I have a couple of good excuses. For my international readers (I may be making a big leap using "reader" as a plural), last Thursday was Thanksgiving, the most glutinous of all the face-stuffing American holidays. The Casino City offices were also closed Friday, when I typically write my column, and though I probably could have churned one out from my parents' house in New Jersey, I was still in a hypnotic state from the massive amount of food I consumed the day prior.

In addition to eating more calories in one sitting than recommended for a typical week, I was busy testing New Jersey's newly licensed and regulated online casinos. And guess what: It did not go well! The websites had not ironed out their massive geo-location issues, making it very difficult for any player within 15 miles or so of the New Jersey border (basically half the state) to have their location verified.

Nevertheless, my dissatisfaction with my home state's foray into legal online gambling was balanced by my culinary satiation. And this week I'm back to the grind, compiling the best tweets from the poker world.

Thursday, Dec. 5: Jerry "@herschelwpwnage" Watterson

Jacksonville Jaguars fans, like poker pro Jerry Watterson, have to be excited about their team's recent hot streak. The Jags are 4-1 in their last five games, following a thrilling 27-20 win over the division rival Houston Texans on Thursday night. First-year head coach Gus Bradley has his team firing on all cylinders lately, and there is finally some exciting football in Northeast Florida.

The problem, however, is that Jacksonville lost its first eight games to start the season, and with a 4-9 record, have virtually no shot to make the postseason. The Jags' -171 point differential is far and away the worst in football, and though their recent play might suggest otherwise, they are clearly among the NFL's cellar dwellers.

In professional sports, there is only one goal: to win a championship. When a team cannot compete for a championship in a given season, it only makes sense to use that season as a way to leverage a better shot at a title in the next season and beyond. It's simply not in the Jaguars' best interest to win games down the stretch. They'd be better off losing and obtaining a better pick in April's NFL draft.

But still, there's something to be said about having a young team gaining confidence under a new head coach. The Jags have been exciting lately, to say the least, but I still don't understand the logic in rooting for them to win. It defies reason.

Thursday, Dec. 5: Jake "@YoungBazzzzze" Bazeley

That Cincinnati "Skyline" Chili looks incredible. It makes me mad that I had to look at it and then couldn't instantly eat some. You can't get food like that on the East coast.

But I'd add about two handfuls of raw onions, some jalapenos, sour cream and maybe even some sliced habanero pepper. Now you're talking.

Thursday, Dec. 5: Daniel "@RealKidPoker" Negreanu

Oh, you mean like this ridiculous hatl?


Thursday, Dec. 5: Phil "@PhilIvey" Ivey

I don't really care about Phil Ivey drinking wine. My interest here is more on the "push" that came out of his no-drinking bet.

To me, a push is still a loss in this case. Whoever Ivey bet with pushed, for sure, but Ivey still wasn't able to drink for a certain period of time. So while he didn't lose any money, he still had to suffer for what I'm assuming was a significant amount of time (if it was still early in the bet, I doubt his opponent would let him out so easily).

Wednesday, Dec. 4: Jonathan "@JonathanLittle" Little

Jonathan Little is absolutely right in how arbitrary casinos are with their beverage policies. And the rule is especially more ridiculous as it pertains to poker tournaments.

When you play a table game (or a cash game in a poker room), the casino will serve you free drinks to keep you at the table. This is obviously +EV for the casino. But when a player enters a poker tournament, their money has been spent. The amount of free drinks they consume at that point does not correlate to any more revenue for the casino.

Though I agree with Little that not getting served two minutes after busting is a slap in the face, I suppose the casino has to make a cutoff somewhere. Just chalk it up to another bad beat, I suppose.

Dan Podheiser
Podheiser is a graduate of Emerson College and has worked as the sports editor of The (Torrington, CT) Register Citizen and as an intern for NESN.com. Immediately prior to joining Casino City, Podheiser served one year as an Americorps*VISTA, writing grant proposals for a local non-profit.

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