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Poker Player Tweets of the Week: Tell me what you really think about Donald Sterling

2 May 2014

By Dan Podheiser

Now that I've felt the grind of covering my first poker tournament, I feel I have a greater appreciation for the daily struggles of the common professional poker player.

It must be hard waking up every day at noon, throwing on a hoodie and taking the elevator downstairs to sit in a chair and play a game all day. It must be brutal figuring out where you are going to eat on dinner breaks during a tournament, or deciding which exotic destination you will travel to next.

And it must be especially difficult for poker players to craft a good tweet. Because, let's face it, if you follow hundreds of poker players on Twitter (like I do), you've seen some real stinkers.

That said, here are the five tweets I've selected from the pile of crap I waded through over the past week.

Friday, May 2: Matt "@msalsberg" Salsberg

As my colleagues here at Casino City will tell you, my cinema knowledge is lacking, especially when it comes to major American film series. I've never seen a "Star Wars" or "Indiana Jones" movie, for instance. And, no, I've never seen a "James Bond" film.

However, because of my interest in poker, I did catch one scene from "Casino Royale," which I believe Matt Salsberg is referencing in his tweet. This is arguably the worst poker scene in movie history.

Thursday, May 1: Ryan "@RyanRiess1" Riess

Ryan Riess won $8.3 million for winning the World Series of Poker Main Event in November. And now: The 23-year-old is eating at California Pizza Kitchen.

My, how the mighty have fallen.

Thursday, May 1: Dutch "@DutchBoyd" Boyd

I don't know why anyone's opinion on Donald Sterling would have changed. Yes, Sterling's comments were made in private and were most likely recorded and made public without his consent. That is despicable, and nobody is denying that.

But Sterling still said the things he said. And those things, whether uttered in private or public, are unacceptable. It's okay to blame both Sterling and his girlfriend for being horrible people, and it would be okay to place equal blame on the NSA if it were involved as well.

Sterling is a racist and he does not belong in the NBA. It's pretty simple.

Wednesday, April 30: Lex "@RaSZi" Veldhuis

I have played 2048 for a couple of months now, and my best score just barely beats Lex Veldhuis' mark shown here. For a while, I thought it was impossible to have a tile greater than "4096."

But a friend of mine has reached the "65,536" tile like it ain't no thang. He is also studying for the bar exam, which shows that only someone with the ability to procrastinate so greatly can truly reach their potential in this game.

Tuesday, April 29: Joshua "@golferjosh" Arieh

Another #HotSportsTake from Josh Arieh. Unfortunately, I'm not sure I can figure out what exactly his opinion is here.

It seems like Arieh somehow wants everyone in the world to boycott the L.A. Clippers, and yet he doesn't think the NBA should be able to force Donald Sterling to sell the team whose existence he so mightily opposes.

"L.A. already has a team" is the dumbest excuse to not have a franchise in a certain city. Should the Mets, Nets, Jets, Angels, Ducks, White Sox and Athletics all re-locate to terrible sports markets, too?

Dan Podheiser
Dan  Podheiser

Dan Podheiser has covered the gambling industry since 2013, but he has been an avid poker player for more than a decade, starting when he was just 14 years old. When he turned 18, he played online poker regularly on U.S.-friendly sites until Black Friday in April 2011.

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