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Seven resolutions for 2014

8 February 2014

By John Marchel

We players need to rejuvenate ourselves every so often, both in body and spirit – especially after experiencing one of those dreaded long and sometimes humiliating losing streaks.

With the new year approaching, now would be a good time to make some new resolutions or promises that can help us play better and maintain a positive and winning attitude during the coming year. Setting some specific and reasonable goals, changing unproductive patterns, learning our game better can benefit all of us whether we are beginners or frequent casino players.

We’ve told ourselves in the past, that we will do this or that to improve our game, but do we always follow through on those resolutions? Some of them might have been too hard to live up to. Others might not have been very practical, but establishing some simple, yet powerful, resolutions can be important to our overall win-rate while at the casino.

Taking some time developing a good and reasonable plan, plus using some sound and proven money management techniques can and will affect your game. These are just some of the basic things we need to be doing all the time. However, during the heat of the action, we sometimes forget some of those fundamental measures that help us stay on the winning path.

Since I play a lot, I know very well the ups and downs a player routinely experiences while playing in the casino. Consider the following seven resolutions as part of a New Year's plan for you to end up as a smarter, better and, more importantly, successful player.

1. I will educate myself more in the coming year. I will read everything I can about my game, whether it’s in magazines, newspapers, books, or on the Internet. I will watch DVDs, videos and TV shows that feature gambling. I will make a conscious effort to find new information about the games I play the most. I will also review articles and books about my game that I have read previously. I will get to know my game better in the coming year.

2. I will establish a firm plan prior to all my casino visits. I will take more time to plan each and every one of my casino visits. My plans will incorporate time, place, money, and schedules that are specific and practical. As a player, I have the choice of when and where to play, this is a big benefit that I will take more advantage of in the New Year. A sound plan will help aid in achieving a much more positive winning visit. In the end, regardless of each specific casino visit outcome, I will stay the course with my plan.

3. I will take better care of my body. In the coming year, I will make a strong effort to pace myself more effectively whenever I’m in a casino. I will get the rest needed, eat in moderation, and refrain from drinking too much alcohol while playing. I will take frequent and reasonable breaks during all my visits. All this will help me be at my best, both physically and mentally, during all my playing periods.

4. I will keep better records. I will establish a gambling log to record all casino visits. My log will record the games, times, places, conditions and my win/loss results. When returning home I will transcribe the data onto spreadsheets or into my computer to help maintain this important information. Later, I will carefully review and analyze the results of my log, which will help me to correct errors or poor judgments, all of which will aid me on future trips to the casino.

5. I will manage my bankroll more effectively. I will follow established and proven money management techniques. I will set aside monies that are to be used for gambling only. I will plan to use these funds more effectively by dividing my bankroll for the trip, day and each session. I will establish reasonable and realistic win and loss goals which will help me prepare for those inevitable down turns that seem to come along at unexpected times. I will not take monies from one session bankroll to use in another session. I will diligently record all my wins and losses faithfully in my gaming log.

6. I will not let a losing session effect my overall actions. Gaming in itself can be full of frustrations and it is easy to experience self-doubt particularly after some session losses. However, I know it is all part of the overall cycle one can experience when gambling, and I will make a strong effort to analyze and learn from those losing sessions. I will look at them from a positive point of view and not allow those losses to alter my overall confidence or game plan.

7. I will enjoy the game more. I recognize that gambling can be fun and exciting. I will play the games that bring me the most joy. I will also play in more tournaments - even those that are not of my strongest game. I will also take the free lessons offered by the casinos for games that I have not previously played at. I will play at various betting levels, both large and small, so I will be able to enjoy and not worry about any one big losing session. I will ask for more comps and try to visit a variety of casinos throughout the year.

These seven resolutions can make a difference in the coming year; therefore you shouldn’t underestimate their impact on your game. Finally, as far as these seven resolutions are concerned you need to take the big pledge. “All these things I will faithfully do and I know they will help me to be a winner, and allow me to enjoy gaming even more in the coming year.”

This article is provided by the Frank Scoblete Network. Melissa A. Kaplan is the network's managing editor. If you would like to use this article on your website, please contact Casino City Press, the exclusive web syndication outlet for the Frank Scoblete Network. To contact Frank, please e-mail him at fscobe@optonline.net.

John Marchel
John Marchel is an author, speaker, teacher and player -- what John plays are casino games. He’s been a casino player for over 25 years and has played successfully in Europe, Panama, the Caribbean, Canada, Atlantic City, Las Vegas, on Indian reservations, cruise ships and in over 350 casinos throughout the US. He is also the author of six books about gambling, and has written numerous magazine articles and is currently a columnist for three gambling magazines and one internet magazine. Since 1988 John has combined his experience as a manager, teacher and player to present seminars and lectures about gambling. In addition, John has had an Internet website since 1995 that offers books, special reports and tips about gambling. He also publishes a monthly Internet gambling newsletter. The newsletter keeps subscribers alert to trends, information and winning techniques that allows them to be more successful when visiting casinos.

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