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The Reel Life: Candy pods edition

11 January 2018

Americans have a mostly well-deserved reputation for being addicted to horrendous, junky, little-better-than-plastic food. There are historical reasons for this, but the fact remains: Residents of other countries are frequently appalled by what passes for food in the U.S., especially snack foods and desserts.

To America's credit, actual food has become very hip in the past few years, with trendy restaurants full of actual cooking showing up in large and then small cities, and a tasty if insufferable nationwide explosion of craft breweries.

On the other hand, however, America's addiction to various bright-colored globs of adulterated sugar has led to a deeply embarrassing phenomenon: U.S. residents keep finding themselves tempted to eat "pods" of Tide laundry detergent, because it comes in a little shiny bright-colored that, to the American eye, looks like candy.

This is bad, because laundry detergent pods are extremely toxic. Eating the pods is significantly more toxic than just drinking regular laundry detergent, which, fortunately, nobody wants to do. (Although we once had a spring cider that tasted like what we imagine laundry detergent to taste like, but that wasn't on purpose.)

Therefore, in the traditional American spirit of experimentation, ingenuity, and transferring all the risk onto others, some folks are coming up with recipes for Tide pod candy. Hypothetical recipes. Recipes that they've come up with and if you tried them it'd be great if you let them know how it went.

We admit that we are incredibly tempted to try to make the candy Tide pod recipe ourselves, but it seems like a lot of work and we are not very good at candy-making, so we'll probably just buy a big bag of gummy bears and play slots instead.

Get in the fast lane, Grandma, this bingo game is ready to roll!

It turns out 2018 is already proving to be extremely lucky — at least for those who play at BingoBilly. The popular online Bingo site today announced Daily Cash Raffles totaling $10,000 for its players until 31 January.

"We broke out the champagne when the ball dropped, and we've decided to keep the celebration flowing all month long," said Laura Chacon, Bingo Manager of BingoBilly. "There's no better time to celebrate bingo than now, so come play."

BingoBilly is running a $10,000 New Year's Raffles promo, including an end-of-month raffle for $2,018. But players don't have to wait until the end of the month to win. There are daily cash raffles where players can win a daily grand prize of $201.80 or one of four prizes worth $20.18.

To participate in the Daily Cash Raffle, players must make a deposit to their BingoBilly account that day. Upon doing so, players will earn one entry for every $25 deposited. Each $25 deposit also gives players an entry for the $2,018 Grand Prize Raffle during a Facebook Live Show at 8 p.m. ET on 31 January.

And depositing comes with even more rewards. Those who have yet to sign up for an online bingo account are invited to take advantage of a $30 free trial bonus. Plus, first time depositors are eligible for progressive bonuses up to 600%.


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