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The Reel Life: Hide and seek edition

9 January 2014

Sometimes, a simple game of "hide and seek" can be the most dangerous game of all.

In Australia, emergency workers say they had to use olive oil to grease up and free a naked man who got stuck in his washing machine during a game of hide and seek.

Wait a minute, hold the phone. What was a grown man doing playing hide and seek? And why was he naked?

Those questions may never be answered, but what we do know is that it took emergency crews about 20 minutes to free the man from the washing machine, using the oil to lubricate his skin.

"My advice would be for people not to climb into appliances," said the fire chief.

You don't have to tell the Reel Life twice. Sure, we've all had some pretty epic hiding spots as children when playing hide and seek. But as an adult, maybe trying to fit into a machine meant high-powered cleaning isn't the best idea.

What an oily mess.

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