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The Reel Life: Time-traveling typeface edition

13 July 2017

A new development in a Pakistani investigation into the Panama Papers may spell trouble for Nawaz Sharif's government — and will spell it in Calibri, a common sans-serif font from Microsoft.

Sharif's daughter Maryam submitted a batch of documents that use the font to a team investigating illegal offshore properties. The documents were dated 2006. Since Microsoft didn't make Calibri available for public use until 2007, many have concluded that the documents are forgeries.

The typographical scandal was quickly dubbed "Fontgate" on Pakistani social media, because apparently –gate is the official scandal suffix for the entire world now. American cultural exports are really something.

The investigative team's report does point out that Calibri was developed in 2004, it's hard to figure out why Maryam Nawaz would have been using it on official documents before its public release.

Anyway, it remains to be seen if the alleged forgery will leave Pakistan facing the prospect of a sans-Sharif government.

Get in the fast lane, Grandma, this bingo game is ready to roll!

This weekend Intertops Poker and Juicy Stakes have added extra $2,500 in tournament guarantees to its tournament schedule. The tournaments will be extra appealing for Australians since they will run during Australian peak hours.

Buy-in for Friday's Perth $500 GTD is only $5 + $.50 and buy-in for Saturday and Sunday's Melbourne $1,000 GTD and Sydney $1,000 GTD is $10-$1. Players will start with 3,000 chips and blind levels will be ten minutes. Late registration will be allowed for 30 minutes on Friday and 60 minutes on Saturday and Sunday.

Perth $500 GTD – 14 July - (AWST 6 p.m./AEST 8 p.m.)
Melbourne $1,000 GTD – 15 July - (AWST 6 p.m./AEST 8 p.m.)
Sydney $1,000 GTD – 16 July - (AWST 6 p.m./AEST 8 p.m.)

"We actually host three further of these tournaments next weekend as well," reminds the poker manager at Intertops Poker. "Friday, Saturday and Sunday at AWST 6 p.m./AEST 8 p.m. we run the Evo $500 GTD, the Ripper $1,000 GTD and the Fair Dinkum $1,000 GTD!"

Evo $500 GTD – 21 July - (AWST 6 p.m./AEST 8 p.m.)
Ripper $1,000 GTD – 22 July - (AWST 6 p.m./AEST 8 p.m.)
Fair Dinkum $1,000 GTD – 23 July - (AWST 6 p.m./AEST 8 p.m.)

Both Intertops Poker and Juicy Stakes welcome players from anywhere in the world. They're the busiest online poker rooms on the Horizon Poker Network and also offer a selection of casino games.


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