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Time to raise your game at Black Lotus Casino with "Markers" for High Rollers

10 February 2014

(PRESS RELEASE) -- Black Lotus Casino introduces "Markers" for High Rollers. This exclusive club is available by invitation only as a VIP at Black Lotus Casino. What this means is that select VIP players will be enabled to continue to play their game by making no deposit given to them by the casino. Black Lotus Casino gives you credit at their own risk by providing you with the Marker. You can say this Marker works like a credit card. At the end of your playtime you will be required to settle up with the casino by making a successful deposit by using a bank wire transaction. The Marker is based on the credibility of the player and is only determined by the casino on what risk it is willing to take. Of course since the player has not made a deposit they will not be eligible to claim a match bonus on draw of the Marker.

If you would like to request a Marker from the casino you will need to fill out the application form and proof of a successful bank wire for consideration. The reason for a bank wire deposit is to make sure that the player will be able to pay back the casino as this is the only option to settle up with the casino.

Markers are enabled and limits are configured per Player, at Group Level. So there is 1 Marker for a player having account either only at 1 casino or all Lotus Players Club Online Casinos. Markers will be drawn at Brand level and the funds will immediately be deposited into the account Brand as cash. Players can draw the Marker individually in LAC, BLC & FC. Markers are settled by the Group Level as well. The finance team will approve the bank wire upon receipt and the support team needs to settle the marker by using MS. Marker funds are treated as Cash by the system but it will not reflect in deposit section of the cashier.

In extreme cases Customer Support can make a Draw Transaction on behalf of player but it is highly recommended the player is to make the draw themselves. To make a Draw, the Player must enter a valid amount and click Draw Marker button. All marker draws must be created with a positive value and settlement must be created with negative value. All Markers must be settled via Bank Wire. The casino will not allow the player to adjust the outstanding marker balance with their winnings or other form of deposits.

If the player has an active Marker balance they will not be able to request a withdrawal. Marker balances can be shown under Player=>Player info=>Balance Tab.

Markers can be canceled or limited at any time by the casino and will be reviewed by Lotus Players Club on a monthly basis.


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