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When to Play the Games

27 June 2020

By John Marchel

You don’t have to play every minute you are in a casino. Take your time and look around. There is a saying: “stop, look and listen.” That saying can also be applied while gambling. Use it to help you to see and understand what is going on around you. See where your favorite table or machines are located. Watch other players, particularly if you play poker.

Find the high-roller areas and see what is going on there. If you want to become a good player or even make gambling your hobby you need to know all about the gaming place your visiting. You should know what is going on in front of you as well as all around you regardless of the games being played.

One of the best times to play is when no one else is there. Play early in the morning between 7 and 10 a.m. when everyone else is at breakfast. Another time is around dinner, 5 to 8 p.m. Finally, consider very early in the morning, from 2 until 5 a.m. You will have your choice of tables and dealers.

During the busy hours take a nap, rest up, take a shower, and then be ready to play later. You will be sharp during those odd hours while all the dealers and supervisors are tired and looking to end their shift. You might even find the grave shift staff a little friendlier since this shift had the least amount of action and tends to relate to customers more.

The facts are when playing by yourself, you can control the speed of the game, not the dealer. You are not distracted by bad players; you can easily see all the cards at blackjack that have been played. You will get more hands before the shuffle, resulting in WINNING moreast.

Crowded tables will get more attention from management, which you don’t want. You can even have a conversation with the dealer and not hold up the game. Many of those things are not possible when the table has lots of other players involved.


• When it comes to gambling, reading about it can be interesting, enjoyable and even helpful in improving one’s skill at the various games.

• In 1981, for the first time, slot machine revenues exceeded table revenues in the casinos of Nevada.

• When playing Texas Hold’em poker you will be dealt an ace about 15 percent of the time.

• Doris Rose became the first full-time woman dealer in the state of Nevada in 1938 while working at Harold’s Club in Reno.

• A recent report stated that the best time of the year for hotel rooms in Las Vegas is June, when prices are 26 percent lower than the peak periods.

• In 1972, Bill Harrah founder of Harrah’s Entertainment, had three different efficiency studies done on himself so he could better use his time. All three reports could not offer any “efficiencies” he was not already practicing.

• When it opened in Nov. 1989, the Mirage hotel-casino in Las Vegas, was the first casino to use security cameras full-time on all table games.

• A study reported in the New England Journal of Medicine said a heart attack person would have a better chance of survival in a casino that in a hospital. According to the study, victims need to get life-saving defibrillation within two minutes of suffering a heat attack. Chances are better since the victim is around other people and the response time would be quicker.

• In 2008 Boris Becker, former world number tennis star, and Wimbledon Champion three times during his tennis career, began a new career as a professional poker player at age 40.

• When Benny Binion opened the Horseshoe casino in downtown Las Vegas in 1951, he set the craps limit at $500 which was 10 times the maximum of any other casino in town.

This article is provided by the Frank Scoblete Network. Melissa A. Kaplan is the network's managing editor. If you would like to use this article on your website, please contact Casino City Press, the exclusive web syndication outlet for the Frank Scoblete Network. To contact Frank, please e-mail him at fscobe@optonline.net.

John Marchel
John Marchel is an author, speaker, teacher and player -- what John plays are casino games. He’s been a casino player for over 25 years and has played successfully in Europe, Panama, the Caribbean, Canada, Atlantic City, Las Vegas, on Indian reservations, cruise ships and in over 350 casinos throughout the US. He is also the author of six books about gambling, and has written numerous magazine articles and is currently a columnist for three gambling magazines and one internet magazine. Since 1988 John has combined his experience as a manager, teacher and player to present seminars and lectures about gambling. In addition, John has had an Internet website since 1995 that offers books, special reports and tips about gambling. He also publishes a monthly Internet gambling newsletter. The newsletter keeps subscribers alert to trends, information and winning techniques that allows them to be more successful when visiting casinos.

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