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Controlling the Dice

12 May 2022

By Royal Flushes

CINDY: What is the most controversial aspects of craps right now and since 1990 or so?

ABBY: Whether some players can actually control or influence the dice. I think for the last three decades that has been a major source of discussion among craps players and gambling writers.

CINDY: I know there are also camps among those who teach this aspect of the game and some of these camps do not like others of these camps. They go at each other on the web sites. I guess that’s typical of businesses in the same business.

ABBY: Do I think this aspect of craps is real? I don’t know. It sounds good but the set-up of the table is geared to not having this as a possibility. You have those pyramids that randomize the ice even if someone is attempting to throw with some influence. Can those really be overcome?

CINDY: It’s an interesting question. Can anyone make real money doing this? Money is being made from dice control classes for the people who teach these classes but can these teachers actually do what they say they are teaching others to do? That’s the real question. I have my doubts about some of them.

ABBY: I think what you have to do is first learn what these teachers teach their students to bet. Can a dice influencer beat house edges of over two percent? I doubt that. If the teacher talks about making hardways bets and trying to overcome the Fire Bet then I think you are dealing with someone who is stretching the truth in a very extreme manner.

CINDY: Makes sense. I can’t see how a dice controller can get a much bigger edge than a card counter at blackjack. Maybe a great card counter can go to, maybe, one and a half percent over the casino? Maybe a great dice controller can go to a little over two percent.

ABBY: I don’t see any of the big house edge bets beaten by anyone. Doing something like that or claiming you can do something like that would be nonsense. Checking the betting recommendations by the teachers would be a very important first step in figuring out who is teaching something real and who is a BS artist.

CINDY: But “real” wouldn’t necessarily be “real.” It would just be the first step in ascertaining that the person who is teaching this stuff at least gave good betting advice. I have read some of the writings of some of the dice control teachers and these writing are pure garbage. I actually can’t believe people pay them money.

ABBY: Okay, there is an outside chance that this stuff can have merit but I think you have to select your teacher wisely. Is the person a real player who has actually made money from the casinos? That would also be a first start too.

CINDY: What the person writes is that coherent? Or is it a garbage can of garbage?

ABBY: It is caveat emptor.

CINDY: Correct!

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Royal Flushes
Abby Royal is a lawyer and Cindy Royal is a school administrator. Together, they are the Royal Flushes. The sisters play weekly or bi-weekly in such venues as Atlantic City, Las Vegas, Pennsylvania and Indian casinos throughout the country.

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