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Let It All Hang Out?

5 June 2021

By Royal Flushes

CINDY: Now, tell me the truth.

ABBY: Uh, oh.

CINDY: Do you ever want to let it all hang out when you are in a casino? I mean just throw the money into the game, play kind of crazy…I mean play a lot crazy…and see where it goes?

ABBY: You mean like go after a lot of money by making bad bets that win you a lot of money if you win them even though the casino has a big edge on those bets?

CINDY: Exactly. I mean when we play craps we always stick to the low house-edge bets which is to preserve our bankrolls. But we see the “action” players throwing their money out on awful bets. They are looking for a big score and they rarely get it. You just can’t overcome double digit edges. Even during a short period of time those edges will get to you.

ABBY: Are you saying “no” to that idea?

CINDY: The idea is what you are feeling, not what you are doing. Actually doing it is a no-no to me. I work too hard for my money to just throw it away but the idea of letting it all hang out at times has a certain appeal.

ABBY: After how many drinks?

CINDY: There are times when I think, “Why not go for the gusto?” I know I will never make a load of money; that just can’t happen with my betting levels and how many bets I make and how much those bets are in terms of money.

ABBY: You therefore take it all and just go with it no matter what happens?

CINDY: That’s the thought.

ABBY: But not the action.

CINDY: Not the action. Do you ever have those thoughts?

ABBY: Yes, I do but they are totally in control. I am not going to play foolishly to itch a tickle or scratch an itch.

CINDY: Do you think the players who really let it hang out are happier than we are? Seriously.

ABBY: Interesting question. No, I don’t. I think most sessions end poorly for them because they can’t control what they are doing. Even with crazy bets there is a time to pack it in and not keep throwing good money after bad. I think the wild players can’t follow any rules of discipline.

CINDY: They go for it but it goes for them?

ABBY: It goes for them exactly. It being all the bad bets. Okay, now fantasy is another thing. I know when the lottery gets really high, I will buy a ticket, a single ticket, and dream what I would do with that money should I win it.

CINDY: I think a lot of people do that. I do; except I buy ten tickets. Is that the same thing as letting it all hang out?

ABBY: Not really. How many times does that happen in a year? Maybe six times?

CINDY: I never won a thing! Although I don’t consider that much of a gamble.

ABBY: I won a couple of hundred once.

CINDY: Don’t rub it in Ms. Action lottery player.

ABBY: I think fantasizing about winning big is normal but I think actually going into the casino and planning for it? I think that might be a mistake especially if you go to the casinos as much as we do. Fantasy really can’t win you anything. Intelligent, solid play is the real way to go. Yes?

CINDY: Yes, indeed.

ABBY: Still.

CINDY: Still.

This article is provided by the Frank Scoblete Network. Melissa A. Kaplan is the network's managing editor. If you would like to use this article on your website, please contact Casino City Press, the exclusive web syndication outlet for the Frank Scoblete Network. To contact Frank, please e-mail him at fscobe@optonline.net.

Royal Flushes
Abby Royal is a lawyer and Cindy Royal is a school administrator. Together, they are the Royal Flushes. The sisters play weekly or bi-weekly in such venues as Atlantic City, Las Vegas, Pennsylvania and Indian casinos throughout the country.

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