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PokerStars deals 95-billionth hand, gives away nearly $900,000

5 March 2013

(PRESS RELEASE) -- PokerStars yesterday dealt its 95-billionth hand at a $0.08/$0.16 NL Hold’em full ring table. The action was paused to let everyone know that they were involved in hand 95 billion and when PokerStars’ Head of Poker Communications Lee Jones gave the signal, the cards were dealt.

After a board of 3-Q-2-6-5 was revealed, "Domy07" showed down Q-J to collect the side pots with top pair, but "RichB17" from the U.K. rivered a straight with J-4 to win the main pot and see his prize money doubled.

Each player received $10,000 just for being dealt in the hand and in addition was awarded $1,000 for each VPP earned in the previous 50 hands.

Here are the final payouts…
RichB17 $23,920
pacheko23980 $14,800
yanno $13,070
soya-aware $12,400
SAURO1980 $12,240
popp00 $12,000
Dummkobb $11,700
Domy07 $11,660
MenFedlak $10,240

The 95-billionth hand promotion took place during the past six days and awarded a total of $892,718 over 300 Milestone hands and the final Mega Milestone hand.

The Road to 100 Billion is set to culminate in June with an even bigger prize giveaway planned. Details of the promotion will be revealed in the spring.


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