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The Casino Menaces II

13 January 2022

By Royal Flushes

CINDY: Last week in our Thursday column we talked about the mental preparation for playing in Las Vegas, where we will be going for a full week.

ABBY: But now we have to look at the games we intend to play and how we intend to play them.

CINDY: Should we tell everything?

ABBY: Yes, every single thing. Let it all hang out.

CINDY: Even if we are being, shall we say, “not perfect?”

ABBY: Yes.

CINDY: I’m going to play the slot machines!

ABBY: Oh, my, my, my.

CINDY: I am taking fifty dollars a day and, when I am totally finished playing the table games for that day, I am going to plop myself down at a dollar machine and I am going to play one credit at a time until I have played fifty credits. Then, win lose or draw, I am done for that day.

ABBY: You always do that.

CINDY: Yes, but I have never revealed that in print. I find it is relaxing to go back to my room after doing this. It relieves me. I don’t play more but I stick to my regimen.

ABBY: I do like the one credit at a time. You aren’t playing any progressives, right?

CINDY: No progressives at all. Just what we used to call normal machines. One credit, one decision at a time.

ABBY: Craps I will just play as I always do. I use the 5-Count of the Captain’s and I only make two bets initially. Just Pass line and a Come bet or two come bets without the Pass Line. Small bet, maximum in odds. That is my favorite game in the casinos. I just never found a game to match it. Yes, I do have other games I like but craps? You just have to be careful but oh boy! I just can’t get enough of it.

CINDY: I’m looking forward to shooting the dice. Some of the male players don’t like that. I find it hard to believe that craps is still a man’s world. I don’t think that will change in our lifetime.

ABBY: I am not playing blackjack this trip. You see, to count cards and increase your bets when the game favors you, can wipe you out unless your bankroll can handle the large increased bets and a losing streak during that time. Too many players think that counting cards offers you guaranteed wins every time you play.

CINDY: The variability is immense in that game.

ABBY: At the moment I can’t risk my bankroll on escalating bets. If I play blackjack, it will just be at full tables using basic strategy for the game. That’s a close contest and the downs can be handled because it is rare to get blasted out of the game.

CINDY: I’ll play my red or black at roulette. Table minimum, but the game is fun and roulette players are often a breed apart.

ABBY: Mini-baccarat?

CINDY: The most superstitious players in the casino. They can be the real breed apart.

ABBY: So what do you think?

CINDY: I’m ready. It is a “go” for me.

ABBY: A “go’ all the way.


This article is provided by the Frank Scoblete Network. Melissa A. Kaplan is the network's managing editor. If you would like to use this article on your website, please contact Casino City Press, the exclusive web syndication outlet for the Frank Scoblete Network. To contact Frank, please e-mail him at fscobe@optonline.net.

Royal Flushes
Abby Royal is a lawyer and Cindy Royal is a school administrator. Together, they are the Royal Flushes. The sisters play weekly or bi-weekly in such venues as Atlantic City, Las Vegas, Pennsylvania and Indian casinos throughout the country.

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